Latest Issue of Byzantine and Modern Greek Studies Journal

The aristocratic oikos on the Vrina Plain, Butrint c. AD 830−1200
pp. 1-19(19)
Authors: Greenslade, Simon; Hodges, Richard

The illusion of continuity: Nikephoros Phokas, John Tzimiskes and the eastern border
pp. 20-34(15)
Author: Garrood, William

The original source for Tzimiskes' Balkan campaign (971 AD) and the emperor's classicizing propaganda
pp. 35-52(18)
Author: Kaldellis, Anthony

At the origins of ephoreia*
pp. 53-62(10)
Author: Chitwood, Zachary

The fair of Agios Demetrios of 26 October 1449: Byzantine-Venetian relations and land issues in mid-century*
pp. 63-80(18)
Author: Wright, Diana Gilliland

Contemporary perception of Byzantium in Turkish cinema: the cross-examination of Battal Gazi films with the Battalname

pp. 81-91(11)
Authors: Bayrı, Buket Kitapçı

Nicosia and its municipal administration during the very early years of British rule in Cyprus
pp. 92-110(19)
Author: Markides, Diana

`Peasantist nationalism' in inter-war Greece (1927-41)
pp. 111-129(19)
Author: Ploumidis, Spyridon

The Pontic Greek spoken by Muslims in the villages of Beşköy in the province of present-day Trabzon
pp. 130-150(21)
Authors: Özkan, Hakan

pp. 151-159(9)
Authors: Bydén, Börje; Howard-Johnston, James; Lauxtermann, Marc; Holland, Robert; Faustmann, Hubert; Gauntlett, Stathis

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